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What Does the Mortgage Business and a Circus Have in Common? – Nick Beehan – First Liberty Financial Mortgage

Nick Beehan First Liberty Financial MortgageThey really don’t have anything in common, but Nick Beehan was born in Memphis and raised in Nashville. He has a degree in History from Emory. He waited tables at Houston’s in downtown Nashville and there, he met his wife, Paige. They have a 7 yr old springer spaniel.

He began selling supplemental insurance, but realized it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life, so he transitioned to the mortgage industry during the time when then rates were on the decline. He spent from June 2004 to present running/managing a mortgage office, being responsible for $40-80M per year loan volume.

He loves golf, fitness, live music, friends and family. He has a twin brother (who also does mortgages) and an older sister.

He has been Runner Up Mortgage Banker of the Year, Top Producer, Banker of the Year, and has received a Patriotic Service Award for hiring veterans, . . .

. . . but his most impressive award was being crowned King of the Circus at the age of 8!

Nick says mortgages aren’t really that complicated. The average mortgage lasts 4-5 years. Guidelines and rules change, so it is important to rely on a mortgage officer to assist. Nick believes that if you show up and are supportive to your clients, you will receive repeat customers and succeed as a loan officer.

Nick’s company can broker loans, or be a direct lender. They underwrite all loans in house, and Nick can hold them accountable to what they say, so he prefers direct lending.

Everyone asks “what is your rate” and “what is your cost?” There are three components: rate, service and closing cost. There has to be a balance between these (it doesn’t have to be a 3 ring circus.)

First Liberty Financial Mortgage doesn’t do commercial lending, so Nick would like to meet people who do so that he can pass referrals that direction. Nick understands the credit repair side of things and has contacts who can help as well.

If anyone says they know what the rates will do, they really don’t know, as rates are impacted by various factors in the economy. If you time it right and it works, you weren’t smart, you were just lucky.

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Nick Beehan
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