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We get Snowdays!

If Davidson County Schools are closed due to weather then we will cancel our meeting.

This way everyone has access to the information on TV, Radio, and Internet and we don’t run the risk of someone not getting an email or phone call about a canceled meeting. Of course even if schools are open please use your own judgment about whether the weather will allow you to drive safely to our meetings.

We can discuss this policy in greater detail at our meeting tomorrow if the pending storm misses us, or next week. In the event a meeting is canceled, our speaker of the week, will speak at the following meeting, and our rotation will resume with a week delay.

Feel free to call Jake Crumb with any questions or concerns: 615-448-6494

Don’t forget that you can refer business, and spread the word about BRN, whether we meet or not. Don’t hesitate to pass a referral. If you need contact info for any of our members, see the Members List

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