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Painted Picture of Productivity


Rick Smith with Nashville Design House Painters provides custom interior and exterior house painting.  Working in spaces from small bathrooms to large exterior walls, Rick can accomplish anything painting.  Specializing in custom wall designs, Rick and his crews give meticulous attention to every detail.  A twenty-four year resident of Nashville and a ten-year veteran painter Rick’s philosophy is “never give up”.  This positive attitude is displayed during the initial meeting with Rick for what is known as design day.  Design day is the up-front legwork that is a critical step to ensure that proposals are accurate and mutually agreed upon before any work begins.  Additionally, storyboards will be used during your project to keep you informed of the progress made and note the completion date.

Offering efficient crews, quality workmanship, and an eye for aesthetic beauty, Nashville Design House Painters can quickly take your home from a blank canvas and turn it into a masterpiece worth viewing.

We paint your home like it’s our own.”  (615) 417-3873

By Lee Rumble

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