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More Joy Through Art! Olga Alexeeva – O’Gallery

 Olga Alexeeva - O'GalleryOlga is living her dream. She is from Russia, pursuing her art in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the owner of the O’Gallery.

Olga feels that she is not as organized as she should be, but what true artist is? Still, she feels that she, like everyone, is trying to improve herself and others through her work. She believes that we are all the center of our own universe. She helps others by teaching them to have more joy in their lives through art, which can help people to step outside of the day to day struggles and put their energies into the creation of something beautiful. She began teaching classes as a way to expand her influence and encourage people to create things.

Olga’s philosophy is that:

This is LIFE! There is NO dress rehearsal, so have fun with it!

Olga will be hosting a Valentine’s Day event on Wednesday, February 13 at the O’Gallery of Marathon Village.

Olga Alexeeva
O’ Gallery Art

(Prepared by Queen Crum, Clarity Title)

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