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The Referral Pyramid – Networking Quality vs Quantity

Bren Letson gave the “Networking Tip” last week with a presentation entitled “The Referral Pyramid – Networking Quality vs Quantity“. In his talk, he recommended that we take the time to really understand our referral sources, set goals for networking results, and plan our time accordingly.

Networking Tip - The Referral Pyramid - Networking Quality vs Quantity - Presented by Bren Letson

Bren showed how he groups his networking partners based on how frequently they give referrals:

  • Tier-1 (1+ referrals per month)
  • Tier-2 (1+ referrals per quarter)
  • Tier-3 (1+ referrals per year); and
  • Prospects (no referrals yet but have the potential to move into Tiers 1, 2, or 3).

He also described how he calculates the profit potential of all his networking partners and ways to make referrals more rewarding.

Armed with that knowledge, Bren showed how he organizes his efforts to strengthen relationships with productive referral sources while making sure not to neglect people who may give fewer referrals. He also showed how he allocates time to identify and develop referral source prospects. After all is said and done, Bren reminded us, The only way to keep referral sources productive is to give as much value as you receive.

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  1. Bren, Thank you for bringing us this insightful Referral Networking Tip!

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